Jean Paul Gaultier - 1990's - High Neck Mariniere Tshirt

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Jean Paul Gaultier 1990’s mariniere.

- Classic Gaultier tab on the back
- White with blue stripes sailor style
- Mid Neck collar
- Condition Vintage 10/10

The mariniere was made popular by Gaultier up to the present day on last collection.


Size Noted: L

Measurements (approximate):

Armpits:    18"

Length:    25”

Editorial credit:
Publication: @kaltblut_magazine

Photo: Skye Tan - @skyetanhombre
Stylist: Steve Karas - @lordwarg
Model: Jonzu - @jonzu
Model: Martin Gregory Jerez - @martin_gregory
Beauty: Tomoyo Shionome - @tomoyomakeup