Jean Paul Gaultier - FW1997 - Fight Racism Red Brick Print coat

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Jean Paul Gaultier created the most political prints in the 90's and this is one of the best because it has uniqueness and simplicity. It pictures a brick wall graffitied with " Fight Racism " message all over. You also can see the Gaultier’s Jeans branding as a graffiti.

The inside of the coat is quilted and the collar is faux fur so it is a extremely warm. It has been really well taken care of since and it looks absolutely stunning. All buttons are branded Gaultier. The size and the style make it completely unisex and that is really hard to find. It fits like a Small/Medium menswear or a Large womenswear.

I was really happy to uploaded a pictures form the catwalk, the soundtrack of 'Do the Right Thing' and others was played in homage of Black Divas of this century, from Nina Simone to Neneh Cherry.


No size noted.


Measurements (approximate):

Shoulders: 17”

Armpits: 22"

Length: 36"

Sleeves: 25"