Stephen Sprouse - SS1988 - Bullet Print Denim Jacket

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This vintage Stephen Sprouse denim jacket is from the Fall Winter show of 1988. The print is made of xerox bullets colored in purple on a yellow background.

The print was featured in the “Even Stephen” editorial of Exposure Magazine in 1988 as well as in the 2009 exhibit and book created by the Padilha brothers, two huge Sprouse collectors. This is an iconic piece from Sprouse’s work.

It is really difficult to find clothing from this period in this condition and in a large size. Sprouse opened his first a shop in New York, on Spring street at the time, from 1987 to 1989 and really helped to build the image we know of the big apple.

The jacket has been worn but is in great shape for its age, no tags!


Size noted: L

Measurements (approx.)

Shoulders:       19”

Armpits:          23“

Length:            23 “ 

Sleeves:           24“