Vivienne Westwood - 1988 - Black Velvet Pirate Pants

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Those vintage Vivienne Westwood pirate pants are from 1988 and garments with the original red tag are really rare to come around.This came before Gold label was created.
Those pants reference the Pirate collection Westwood presented in 1981, here is a super luxurious version in black velvet. The house of Westwood always made their pirate clothing limited edition like in World's End, the production was small.
Light wear, amazing condition.


Fits like a 46 slim in my opinion

Size Noted: S


Waist: 15”

Crotch: 12.5”

T. Length: 36”

Ankle:   7”

Editorial for Vanity Teen Mag :
Photo: Chris Fucile @chrisfucilephotography
Model: Dax Reedy @____dax______
Stylist: Steve Karas @lordwarg
Beauty: Kye Quinlan @kyequinlan
Assis: Isma Andrade @isma.andrade - Tom Kordenbrock @tkbrock