Vivienne Westwood - 1990s - White Plaid Peter Pan Collar Button Up shirt

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This vintage Vivienne Westwood shirt is from the 1990s. It is made of a cotton wool blend flannel, meaning the fabric feels soft and felty compare to a classic button up fabric. The collar is a round Peter Pan collar with many details sewn on the hem. 

The cuffs are extra fancy, they have matching embellishment as well as matching black buttons for closure but it is made to also be closed with cufflinks! There is an orb embroidered on the front. 

The inside seams are all French seams! No hem is left visible. It may sound trivial to some but this finishing is only use for the most expensive clothing as it takes a lot more time and knowledge. I have added three picture on the inside to show how amazing the work was. #LuxuryDetails.

This is a rare chance to see a button up from the early day of Vivienne Westwood  that fits a man Small/medium! MADE IN THE UK IN THE EARLY DAYS.


Measurements (approx.)

Shoulders:   17”

Armpits:       19”

Length:        25”

Sleeves:      44”