Vivienne Westwood - 1991-92 - Vintage White Corset 3-4 Sleeves - Top 90s

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This vintage Vivienne Westwood corset is from the early years of the brand. It has the classic red tag of the old original V. Westwood production. Used from 1988 to the creation of her Gold Label in the 1993.

I would date this one from 1991 / 1992. 

It has a beautiful lurex orb embroidery, 3/4 sleeves and boning inside. This item is One of a kind as it's condition is remarkable, it was dry clean before taking the pictures and put back in its protection.

I've had it in my collection for a while and it is really rare to find one today that well preserved.


Measurements (approximate): 42

Armpits:     15” made with stretch fabric.