Vivienne Westwood - FW1991 - Velvet Top With Gold Boulle Pattern

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Vivienne Westwood Velvet top With Golf leaf details from Fall Winter 1991 collection.

This collection was the first shown in Paris for the London base brand, it marked a huge turn in Vivienne Westwood's promotion of her work.

The pattern seen on the fabric here references the work of André Charles Boulle, French master of marquetry from the 18th century. Subtle changes have been made to feature the legendary orb and make the pattern repeat perfectly on the top. Vivienne herself worn the same fabric but as a dress adding to the iconic story.

Note: This particular top came from the incredible the singer and famous Vivienne Westwood collector Pete Burns. I was so really lucky to have been connected with the Westwood family all around the world and it feels really special to be part of something like this.