Vivienne Westwood - FW1991 - Putti Print Linen Long Drap Shirt

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This vintage Vivienne Westwood shirt is from the Fall Winter 1991 collection called “Dressing Up”. The amazing Putti print, here on linen, is referencing the work "Swarms of cupid" by Jean Honoré Fragonard in 1767. You can see countless children floating in the clouds.

This print was used on many pieces this collection so it is presented on the catwalk, it makes it really special and Vivienne herself wore it many times over the years.

The shirt is a drap shirt so it will fit most, it is meant to be airy and flow .



Shoulders: 18”

Length : 50”

Sleeves : 25”

Bottom width : "80” wide! Lots of fabric, lots of print.