Vivienne Westwood - FW1995 - Exclusive Skirt Suit With Orb Frame Buckle

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This vintage Vivienne Westwood Suit s from the Winter 1995 collection. The shoulder probably gave it away. This is one of the most referenced Westwood Collection called “Vive La Cocote”. 

This suit is made of fabric made by Learoyd exclusively for Vivienne Westwood! Literally woven for her! The closing of the skirt are TWO OLD SCHOOL frames with an orb at all corner! Only the most exclusive piece had this details. Even the frame belt sold in the 90’s did not have any orbs on it! It was made for this collection for the fancier suits!

There are lots of important details on this suit: 

The puff shoulder, the cuffed sleeves, all buttons are with an orb and are made of metal and the skirt was sewn entirely by hand! I attached pictures to show you as much as I could. You can see each stitch was carefully done. Even the skirt buckles were attached by hand. This is the most luxurious suit I’ve seen from Vivienne Westwood.

The condition is great! Kept in a dust bag with padding still. The size is notes 12UK so a 10US. It fits one size smaller so I would recommend it for a 6 or 8 US.


Measurements (approx.)

Size noted: 12 

Armpits:      16”

Length:        27”

Sleeves:       24”

Waist:          13”

Hips:            19”

Length:         22”