Vivienne Westwood - SS1995 - Pearl Choker Necklace with Articulated Crystal Orb

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This Vivienne Westwood necklace is from the Spring 1995 collection. 

The uniqueness of this jewelry collection is the articulation on the top of the orb! Only made back then, the gold paved orb is also bigger than on regular chokers. The pearls next to the orb are white followed but shinier silver pearl color. The closure represent an orb when closed, every details is thought about.

Light marks on the pearls, excellent condition. 

There are over 140 crystal shinnying, I took different angles to show it, blinding real life effect. The holy grail of Chokers in my opinion.

Photo: Richard Young/​Shutterstock - Allstar/Globe Photo/Alamy


Measurements (approx.)

Length:  14”